Sunday, November 7, 2010

Social media real estate

Are you taking advantage of all the free social media real estate available to you? If used and used wisely it can made the difference between a successful campaign and a dud. By social media real estate I mean anywhere you can brand yourself or your business as part of you profile. For example the profile pic on your facebook business page allows you to have a long vertical jpeg which can be designed like something you would have traditionally used in print media. Design something which will entice your audience go like your page, they need to be given a reason to click the like button.

Don't put up a profile pic of your backyard, that confuses the audience. Have something up there that visually communicates the message you want them to receive in a split second. If you need to get it professionally done, a good designer can do something like that in less than an hour and as there is no printing it won't cost too much but worth every cent. Your return on investment will be worth it!

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