Monday, October 18, 2010

Considering a Social Media Consultant?

Any company, small or large, should staff itself with the people it needs to manage ordinary operations, allowing for normal growth. Carrying a bigger payroll, just in case of emergencies, is wasteful, ineffective, and costly.

That's why everyone has met situations in which there is a need for someone with a particular skill or field of expertise, but no one like that is on staff.  What can you do to meet the extraordinary? That's where an industrial consultant can prove his or her worth.

Both you and your company can benefit by becoming more familiar with the use of consulting services, so that you can be even more cost-effective and competitive in the future.

Consultants can be very useful as a "third arm" for managers. They are there when you need them, gone when you don't. They can provide needed domain expertise, a qualified team, objectivity, knowledge of the latest tools and methodologies, and wisdom. Their job is to deal with your problem when you don't have the resources to do it yourself.

The task of communicating effectively for someone who can't get the right message across on their own has been a booming industry since the beginning of time. Famous people “write” books using ghost writers, big brands use ad agencies to design their image across the board, and everyone has a PR Agency or Talent Agent to help promote their skills and services. Why should social media be any different? If a business hires me to handle their social media efforts, why is it different from them hiring a full time employee? It's not, if I do my job well. In fact, it's better, if I do my job well.

Social media only works effectively when built on transparency and honesty, which for me poses a conflict of interest when posting social media content for another business.  So is there room for outsourcing if it handled correctly? My short answer is: “yes”. My long answer is: “it's a necessity for some.”

What translates in face to face charm by inflection of voice, giant white smiles, and lots of showmanship does not necessarily translate in content through social media. Someone whose sole purpose is to close the deal does not always have the tools to converse with the community without accidentally attempting to sell something by force of habit. The need to just chat and listen is there, but the ability is not [always].

If you can’t find time for social media, don’t pass the task off to the first employee who knocks on your door. Social media is no place for the inexperienced. Consider consulting with a social media specialist to get strategic advice, or even outsource your campaign altogether. It’s your brand, so you’ll stay involved, keeping an eye on the message, suggesting topics, articles and industry trends, because no one knows your business better than you. But the specialist can make it all come together beautifully.

There's a lot of smoke and mirrors in the space at the moment, with everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon, but many 'experts' lack the understanding that POMO Creative has proved time and again.  That POMO’s strategic knowledge and ability to generate business-changing insights mean we are an integral part of, many businesses strategic growth in this area."

It all goes back to the common business advice given across the board. “Delegate what you don't do well or don't want to do. So you can focus on what you are passionate about.” What do you outsource that saves you time, energy, and money, while improving your business?